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MTrade Plus

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*Note:To access this application you will need a Mubasher Brokerage account. To sign up for a brokerage account, please visit Open an Account

MTrade Plus is one-of-a-kind trading solution providing real-time quotes, online trading, news and announcements that keep you in touch with the mobility of the financial market. MTrade Plus offers investors the ability to trade the global

Markets online along with order management facilities, carry out portfolio evaluations and a number of other value added features and functions.  

Key features of MTrade Plus Global version include:  

  • Order placement to buy/sell/amend/cancel/market and limit orders.
  • Access fast loading Intraday and historical charts.
  • Advisory notifications* in real-time for potential investment opportunities.
  •  Custom and Smart watch lists to keep a track of your favorite stocks.
  • Watch-list chart to analyze the market compared with average volume and percentage change.
  • Watch-list grid to place orders rapidly.
  • Global Market Summary to monitor price movement of key market Indices, Commodities and Currencies
  • Top stocks including gainers, losers and most-active stocks for most markets.
  • Ability to select either a Call option or a Put option to get in to an Option contract.
  • Generate research Reports for the subscribed markets.
  • Status panel to get updated about your trading status and the portfolio valuation.
  • Order list to view recent orders and search for historical orders.
  • Account summary to analyze your account balance and buying power.
  • Portfolio summary to analyze your holdings and manage your portfolios.
  • Trading alerts to notify you about your trading account activities.
  • Request facility to deposit, withdraw and transfer cash.
  • Detailed quote for symbols, giving you a snapshot of a symbol's performance.
  • Market depth information by price and by order.
  • Time and sales details to track in-depth trade information.
  • Real-time announcements as released by the exchanges.
  • Bi-lingual selection options to setup in English or Arabic.
  • Market-moving news released by Global news sources.
  • *Customer has to subscribe for advisory notification

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